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HEAL: To make sound or whole.

HEAL: To make sound or whole.   “Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe”  –Carolyn Harrington, The Art of Healing ‘Heal’ sounds like a positive thing, yet why do people dread making time to heal?  Every day our body is in an incredible healing process that it was…


W.H.Y?  These 3 simple letters can stir up a host of things that don’t serve us well. We Race to Answer…Often, we Google a question looking for the quick answer…staying disconnected from relating, learning or recalling a more in-depth answer.   Blasé or Uninterested…“It is what it is…does it really matter?” We’ve given up trusting our…

The Best Defense is a Good Offense (Jack Dempsey)

This doesn’t just relate to sports…it can relate to our brain health and overall wellness.  As June, and Alzheimer and Brain Health awareness month wraps up its a great motto to keep in mind.  I love “awareness months” because as with any subject, in order to make changes you first need awareness. As Alzheimer’s, Dementia,…