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Yoga - Small Group or Private

While getting more flexible or doing yoga because you think its good for you are great reasons to  practice yoga, it can also be overwhelming, intimidating, and "weird".   I love working with people to intricately break down poses and help them understand the purpose and benefits of poses, how to be safe, feel more comfortable in group classes.   Whether you are a leary first timer, athletic and looking to heal or prevent injuries, or seasoned and looking to advance your practice on your time. Working one-on-one or with a small group, we will focus on strength and flexibility (can't have one without the other), mindfulness and breathing as well as alignment and movement patterns.  I love to help people discover the "ah ha" moments that yoga is not about the pose or being flexible.  Its the information you can take with you off the mat and into other workouts or life in general, that keeps you coming back for more.

Health Coaching - Small Group or Private

Getting and staying healthy can have such a bad wrap. Eating healthy seems boring, expensive and bland at best. A cleanse seems limiting and  anti-social.  Working out to excess can be exhausting, time consuming and painful.  And lets be honest, reducing stress is nearly impossible because who will do everything if you don't?  The "kitchen sink" method of trying everything that worked for someone else  seems painfully slow and futile.  It doesn't have to be hard, boring, or expensive and certainly not futile. While "the how to" information is abundant, I can be your "Wellness Warrior" to champion you on your path.  I filter the information and guide you towards stepping out of your comfort zone and taking accountability to move towards how it is you want to feel. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation or information on workshops or detoxes.

5-Day Detox

Why should  we detox?  Our bodies were designed with  amazing built in detox mechanisms, but the reality is we are exposed to far more toxins than was intended for us to handle.  Over time the toxins from pollutants in the environment, chemicals in foods and in personal care products, along with physical and mental stress, causes a toxic build up that clogs our systems.  The body stores the excess toxins in fat cells and tissue (aka the fat that doesn't go away no matter how hard we exercise and how little we eat)  causing not only weight gain and fatigue, but a myriad of  other seemingly unrelated symptoms from mild to serious. Too often we wait for the perfect time to "have enough time" to look after our own health. We set ourselves up for failure by going at things with an all or none approach, and since that perfect time never comes, the load of "issues" accumulates. Then the task becomes more overwhelming as we are forced to deal with something more serious. This 5 Day detox is designed with real life in mind. Whether you are looking for a simple awareness reset, or you have spent too much time battling recurring health challenges and need help getting started taking back your health, this will be a great way to lighten the toxic load and assist your body in flushing toxins out of the body the as intended. 5 Days might seem short, but it is long enough to make an impact and create awareness that is the necessary catalyst for change.  It encourages steps for detoxing your mind as well as your body.  It offers options for delicious food that is quick to prepare.  Most importantly it offers support and ideas to use the tips to make sustainable changes in your diet and lifestyle. My goal is to have clients finish the week not only feeling better, but feeling excited and armed  to nourish your body and bring back the vitality you deserve. Being healthy doesn't have to be boring or burdensome.  It needs to be fun and fit into real life. Included in 5 Day Detox:

  • Pre-detox prep call or live group meeting 3-4 days prior to start
  • Detox Guidelines and Preparation Checklist
  • Daily protocols and checklists
  • Plenty of recipe options using fresh ingredients
  • Suggested meal planning and snacks for the week
  • Shopping list
  • Eating out guide
  • Bonus tips to deepen your detox
  • Bonus handbook guide to making it last post detox
  • Access to Closed Facebook Group during and after
  • Daily Posts of Encouragement
  • Mindfulness Inspirations and Recommendations
  • Daily Tips/Challenges for Detoxing Your Mind
  • Simple and focused small goal setting

Taking the first step is often the hardest.  No alarms sound from me if you slip, but chances are the alarm will sound in your own head indicating awareness, which is the first step in creating change. Contact me to express your interest and find out details.


I offer workshops at various studios  but also can set up customized small group ones:

  • Getting off the sugar coaster
  • Detox your mind fuel your body
  • Yoga for athletes
  • Fueling athletes
  • Age is not a sentence; healing your body to function as it was designed
  • Grocery shopping and pantry stocking
  • Cooking with the seasons

Contact me for more information or a free 30-minute consultation.

Mindfulness Challenge

It might be a buzz word, but it's meaning can be misunderstood. It isn't about being happy, perfectly present and grateful 100% of the time. Mindfulness is about being present to notice the details. By allowing yourself to breathe and live through uncomfortable moments and challenging times in life  you will receive the benefits later. It is also about allowing it to be ok when you notice you weren't present and not judging yourself or calling it quits.

Every other Monday I will post a new challenge to help increase your awareness and mindfulness. It will not be time consuming and no alarms ring if you don't do it. It is most beneficial if you write the challenge down and post it someplace you see daily.

Mindful Challenge #1:  Breathe

Breathe:  Sounds ridiculous to think about as our body does it for us thankfully, but the manner in which we breathe has a direct impact on our mood, heart rate, blood pressure, anxiety and digestion. Paying attention to our breath and working to manipulate it, is not just breath training it is teaching the mind how to respond to situations.  It reduces stress and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, heart rate and allows the body  more time for digestion (bonus of increased metabolism) Read more about the science of breathing and start to take note of yours.

3 simple challenges to incorporate into your routine

  • Begin and end your day with 5 breaths. The first being just an exaggerated inhale and heavy exhale. The next 4 pay attention to the full breath cycle; a rich inhale, a pause, a controlled gently closed lip full exhale equal emptying your lungs,  finishing with a pause.
  • Transitions: Before meals, before entering or exiting your home or work, before driving...sit up straight and take 3 rich breaths, (more if they are feeling shallow) This enables your mind to be grateful for your meal and slow your eating, or prepares you for a proper mindset in your new activity
  • Working out: Yoga classes cue the breath making it almost as easy as doing it for you, but attaching a breath to each movement during other exercise classes offers the same benefit.  It trains your  mind to focus on movement patterns, that help ignite muscle groups that later become habits. Whether it is spinning, weight lifting, swimming, running, or interval classes follow your breath and see where it takes you